Particle Effects Editor

Requires macOS 10.13 or later

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"As much as I love Xcode’s particle editor, Fireworks just does it better"

"Extremely comprehensive"

Interactively create particle effects for your macOS and iOS projects
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Fine tune your particles designs with plenty of controls. All numeric controls can be dragged left and right for quick adjustment

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Generate Swift code on the fly, and change values directly in the code editor

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See instant feedback from your changes in the preview, and select from multiple emitter shapes

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Add different textures to your emitter cells and sub cells

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If you find Fireworks useful and wish to support its development, consider downloading it from the App Store or sending a tip via PayPal!

The store version has the same functionality as the version from this website, with the added benefit of receiving updates via the App Store:

If you prefer to download Fireworks directly from this website, but still wish to support the project, you can send a PayPal tip:

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